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UG with the source based on the value of giving life. Founded with the students last year BK K49, UG has gradually developed and expanded its activities and became an operational organization in the health sector with UGroup name is (name abbreviated UG) . Download UG Flyer

UGroup began going to build health information portal on with its strategy based on three main applications:

UG Health is the health portal providing community health information, articles by experts on the disease, prevention methods and treatment. Also present are UG Health is a service oriented store health information and family members, as well as services connected with family physicians to enable effective monitoring of the health family members.

UG Forum is a forum of communication for the public inquiry communication about health.

UG dictionary Wiki is open to the desired health community with UG build a dictionary for medical and health service for looking up information faster and more convenient. UG enhance the power of community and wish them all jointly developed with the purpose of improving the health of Vietnamese.

Currently UG has expanded into business activities on the fields of electronic business (e-Business),

hospital electronic (E-Hospital), IT Software, Trade (wholesale, retail, online auctions), Health care.

IT Software: Electronic Business (E-Business) and hospital electronic (E-Hospital)(

UG provides services and solutions such as E-Business Product: Products and Solutions, "Electronic commerce", introduced the company website to provide businesses a powerful platform to help enterprises optimize the cost and increase revenue maximum.

Digital Content: UG hosting service provider website (web hosting), Internet Marketing (SEO, SEF, Internet Advertising, ...). Also UG also provides management services website, posted the article.

Cloud computing solutions and data center "Cloud Computing" (or SaaS, S + S). UG provides consulting and customer solutions on cloud computing platform.

Also UG also provides legal advice and daughter about ERP, CRM, SCM, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligent ...

UG offers product solutions in the field of hospital electronic (E-Hospital).

UG provides construction services required software for businesses, governments and individuals.

Also UG also provides outsourcing services in the country and abroad.

Trading/ Retailling/ Wholesale: (

UG going to trade for brand-Trad UG specialized wholesale, retail, auction live and online.

UG-Trad provides food products, processed foods of famous company in the world.

UG-Trad active in the field of import and export.

Health care:(

UG provides products and services stored health information, connect your family doctor, family health management and digital content as described above.

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UG-Trad provide products and services to ensure quality along with dedicated customer will feel satisfied with the services we provide.

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