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New app makes you a sniper…and no one gets hurt!

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Start winning eBay auctions from your mobile device with eSnipe, a new app from Tom Campbell.

(Vocus) June 10, 2010 -- So there you are on eBay, salivating over that vintage 8-track of the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack. As the auction timer winds down, you punch in what you know will be the winning bid, only to be sniped by someone at the last second. Failure! You slam your head down on the keyboard; someone else will be jamming to Night Fever tonight.

ebay-logoThere’s no reason for this to happen to you anymore. Former Microsoft programmer Tom Campbell has created the app that will get you armed, locked, and loaded for eBay sniping success: eSnipe.

eSnipe allows you to make bids from your iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, Palm Pre, or other mobile device without keeping you trapped in front of your computer stuck in the middle of a futile, last-second bidding war.

“A huge percentage of our customers view their eBay auctions on mobile devices,” Tom said. “They've been clamoring for a way to make their bids when they're away from home. Well, now they can with eSnipe!”

eSnipe is available at and from the SnipeIt! mobile site. The app can also be configured as a bookmarklet for users of Apple's Safari, making it possible for SnipeIt! mobile to read the eBay auction page and for users to enter an auction item number automatically. It also appears in the iPhone cleanly and easily. The same version works on Droid, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and other mobile devices equipped with web browsers.

Once eSnipe is cocked and downloaded onto your mobile device, using it to outsnipe those other pesky eBay snipers is a simple four step process:
•    Copy the item number into the streamlined eSnipe web page.
•    Enter eSnipe username and password.
•    Enter the maximum bidding amount.
•    Go about your day.

Rovatron, eSnipe's 24/7 bidding bot, then takes over, automatically placing bids 6 seconds before auction closes.

“There’s no doubt eSnipe works,” Tom adds. “We place more than 12,000 bids a day during the week and more than double that on Sunday. At peak periods, we can place more than 300 bids per second.”

eSnipe is free to join and offers 30 free bids in the first 14-day period. Get locked and loaded today with eSnipe!

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