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LUNGAVITA olive oil distributor in Vietnam

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About olive

Olive is a natural product of global fame with the legendary story about this plant. Olive is derived from plants Mediterranean region and potentially life present for thousands of years olive trees have a lifespan of more than 3,000 years for rare and out good green olives delicious, normal lines of olive trees have a lifespan of more than 200 years is have widely in the Mediterranean area.
Olive tree was brought into the history books and including a very famous book "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" by Thomas L.Friedman published in 1999 has been translated into several languages.


The products from the Olive

The products from olives, there are now many products are manufactured based on the delicious olives especially cosmetic products, food from green olives and black olives and olive oil.

Olive oil is known worldwide as this is the nutritional oil, help prevent disease and beauty care products excellent.


With a long coastline, soft sandy beaches, vast blue ocean, beautiful stalactites, fertile soil, in addition to the light rested throughout the year, the Mediterranean Sea is a paradise for this kind of quality olive oil is number one of a kind in the world.

Choose from the finest olive fruit of the Mediterranean, using flax extraction method within 24 hours, whether natural acidity ≤ 0.8% in accordance with standards of pure olive oil international , LUNGAVITA olive oil is pure olive oil helps to digest fats fastest into the body, the solvent helps the body better absorb vitamins A, D and K.

LUNGAVITA olive oil contains more monounsaturated fatty acids and rich in antioxidants that keep youth work, preventing the aging process and prevent cardiovascular disease.

LUNGAVITA olive oil contains vitamins A, B and E dissolved natural, very effective in skin care, helps restore skin elasticity, natural, bright and smooth.

Process olive oil processing LUNGAVITA very strict, professional process from procurement to the stage of olive fruit extracts and packaged in Europe, with more technology in the world, attention to small details best meet the needs of your sophistication in life:

  • Selected of top quality fruit: ripe olives to the best quality, was purchased, careful selection of shapes, color and freshness.
  • Extract the first cold within 24 hours: Fresh olives are selected after immediate cold extracted, beginning within 24 hours, ensuring natural 100%.
  • Store in dark glass jars: LUNGAVITA olive oil stored in dark glass jars, sealed buttons, effectively protected from light and maintain a vacuum environment, to ensure stable oil quality.

Olive oil LUNGAVITA a brand of olive oil (olive oil) leading from Spain now available in over 25 countries and has offices in the United States, France, China and Mexico. With a capacity of 840 tons / day and this is the leading brand of the oil Extra virgin olive oil has reached the international standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001, UNE 345605/6.


Extra virgin olive oil (ultra-pure olive oil - olive oil 100% pure). This is the first juice from olives that are not doped with low acid content. Extra virgin olive oil is oil No. 1 in the line of olive oil.

lungavita_chai_dau_oliuCurrently the world has classified Olive oil flows in the following order:

Extra Virgin olive oil
Virgin olive oil
Pure Olive Oil
Extra light

LUNGAVITA olive oil brand was UG-Trad company imported and distributed in Vietnam.
Form distribution through the wholesale level for a agents, supermarkets and grocery stores for retail or restaurants, and hotels.

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