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Access to and use of the UG sites (also known as the 'Site') only be allowed based on the following terms. Use of site content including fully accepting these terms.
All information related to UG Corporation, the subsidiary company or a member of the UG Corporation (collectively, "UG"), the products and services of UG on this site are provided based on the terms follows:

1. This site provides all information, trademarks, images, icons, and logos are owned or related to UG; products and services of UG is provided "AS CAPITAL AVAILABLE" no any one with any certification nor has any been any warranty express or implies, but is not limited transaction capabilities, limits or conditions specific legal . Information provided on this site is not intended to create meet personal needs and user requirements should be selected before using the information to suit the purpose.

2. In any case, the UG or the contractors, employees of the UG does not accept liability for any damage or anything similar, including direct, indirect or consequential from / or related dislodge the access, use this site as well as the use and dissemination of information not on this site.

3. This site may contain some incorrect information or some technical error we will correct immediately if discovered. Information contained on this site are also periodically updated. From time to time and without notice, UG maintain the right to repair, improve and / or change information, conditions, trademark, logo, image, symbol or other products and services concerning the content of this site. Because the Internet exists based on thousands of pages of electronic information from around the world, all information, trademarks, image, symbol and logo can be accessed through this site or may be originated outside the border of the site. Therefore, UG does not accept any liability or obligation related content is converted, accept, or accessible from within, through or outside this site area.

4. Everybody trademark, trademark, iconic, icons, and images show the products and services of UG, any and all design, content and graphics on this site are property of UG. Unless specifically are presented, without any other content on this site exist without the right to reproduce or ownership of the intellectual property of UG Corporation all rights 2010.Tat year were eligible to proprietary.

5. At all times, the products and services mentioned in the content of this site are based on the conditions and terms UG shipping and / or other equivalent terms. Shipping conditions presented in English is attached. Some terms are accepted and can still be applied depending on the country is found to be transferred. Contact your nearest office of UG in the content area to receive a copy of the terms and conditions apply to ship in the local area.

6. Products and services of UG can not fully (or not available) in each State.

7. While using all measures to prevent virus infiltration sites, UG also can not guarantee safety for the penetration of the virus result, you are advised to use these measures secure legal protection before downloading information from websites about.

8. Users agree not to tamper with the operation of the site as well as the inviolable integrity of the site by taking a feed, change information contained in the site, prevent or restrict access visit website for other users, or similar ways.

9. Any data you provide is considered confidential information and UG shall not disclose to any third parties except what is common to use the services of UG.

10. The terms, conditions and terms, commitment to use information on this site will is dominated by the laws of Vietnam and other stakeholders in the implementation of the decisions of the Supreme Court in Ha Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic
UG-Trad provide products and services to ensure quality along with dedicated customer will feel satisfied with the services we provide.

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